Luke Regan

Luke Regan

Marketing + Communications Guide

A senior enrolled at Allegheny College, Luke is majoring in Economics and minoring in both Communication Arts and Computer Science while also competing on the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Luke’s passion to create came at an early age, but his time at Allegheny gave him the right tools and opportunities to fully engage and deepen his creative process. Throughout his schooling at Allegheny and while preparing for his senior thesis, which is about the increase in many bank’s digital media and online marketing strategies, he has learned many skills in computer science, communication arts, and economics. More specifically, Luke has worked with the computer science department to understand and develop code in html, java, and many different languages. This has led him to write code for a few websites including one for Allegheny’s “Big Idea Competition” this spring. 

Luke loves to spend time with others especially playing basketball, hockey, baseball, and running with his classmates or cheering on his local sports teams with his passionate family. He also spends his free time making short videos and volunteering at his parish.



  • Java, C, Python, and MIPS

  • Video/Photo Editing

  • Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut

  • Website Development

  • HTML, CSS, and WordPress