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John F. Slater Funeral Home

The John F. Slater Funeral Home, located in Pittsburgh’s Brentwood neighborhood, has offered funeral and bereavement services to families since the turn of the 20th century.

Trailhead: Where We Started

In the interests of modernizing their communication with and connection to the local community, they hoped to generate “something beyond a typical newsletter,” to share stories, news, event announcements, and connect with related businesses and organizations in the wider South Hills Pittsburgh region. With an updated communications strategy, they recognized that their current website lacked the modernization that is reflective of the developing brand of the company. Many of the traditional aspects of the funeral process (preplanning, obituary management, etc.) were dated and lacked the sophistications of the modern business.

Trek: Steps We’ve Taken

In response to the organization’s desire for an electronic marketing campaign, Slater Funeral Home contracted with TrailBlaze Creative to generate a refreshed e-newsletter campaign, designed to showcase upcoming events, promote various post-service bereavement options, and offer opportunities for Slater to engage with related organizations in the community. As e-newsletter offerings evolved, the publication included articles on trends in bereavement at funerals, encouraged readers to visit the updated website, and directed online traffic towards the funeral home’s pre-planning program. TrailBlaze Creative also designed a plan to engage related businesses within the community and curate content from other writers and organizations with aligned interests and needs of the Slater target audience. As a result of this innovation, Slater is no longer solely responsible for generating new e-newsletter content; instead they offer a collaborative, mutually beneficial platform for other services and businesses within the community to promote their offerings in tandem with Slater’s own announcements and articles.

In conjunction with electronic marketing efforts, John F. Slater Funeral Home requested TrailBlaze’s assistance in building a new, intuitive, and responsive website and blog. Their primary goal was to inspire greater interest in their pre-planning process for non-elderly members of the South Hills community. In order to optimize the digital version of this process, TrailBlaze Creative’s team members participated in a personal funeral pre-planning session. Through this immersive approach, TrailBlaze generated useful insights and analysis which were immediately applied towards improving and optimizing the pre-planning process in an online world. In addition to this project-specific development, TrailBlaze Creative worked to rectify existing website security issues; archive and migrate obituaries to the new website; create an online space for visitors to comment on new obituaries; and provide a total reconfiguration of the website to offer an improved, user-friendly experience, all with the funeral home’s new, modern branding in mind.

Summit: Vision Realized

John F. Slater Funeral Home’s e-newsletter has generated increased interest in the organization’s services, while also facilitating improved connections and trust with Pittsburgh residents and other local and regional businesses offering complimentary services and products. Through TrailBlaze Creative’s design and launch of a new website, visitors have been granted improved and streamlined access to the funeral home’s latest offerings – from pre-planning and post-service bereavement options to news regarding related events and programming at the adjacent event venue—The Whitehall House.

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