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TCC Group

TCC Group is a mission-driven consulting firm based in New York City, focused on collaborating with leaders to solve complex social problems in the areas of health, social justice, community development, and more.

Trailhead: Where We Started

Shortly after the development of revitalized branding and a new website, TCC Group expressed their desire to generate collateral to compliment corporate communications. TCC’s overriding aim was to “show their process” to their various audiences, potential clients, and to highlight the range and depth of their company services.

Trek: Steps We’ve Taken

Having expressed their need for graphic design support to catalog corporate service offerings, TrailBlaze Creative began work developing a comprehensive corporate collateral booklet and a service-level factsheet to be used as a business-wide template for future TCC Group factsheets. Additionally, TrailBlaze’s graphic design staff generated concept design graphics to demonstrate TCC Group’s overall process and elemental systems. All of these documents were designed and optimized for both professional printing and electronic distribution. More importantly, they offered a coherent, visually appealing, and audience-friendly depiction of TCC Group’s service offerings while highlighting success stories with past clients and organizations.

Summit: Vision Realized

With updated branding and a new website already secured, TCC Group required complimentary graphic design work to further and accurately advance their company mission. The multi-page corporate collateral booklet and pocket-sized case studies served to help potential clients understand TCC Group’s extensive service offerings, as well as tell the story of successful collaborations with former clients. As a result of TrailBlaze Creative’s tailored design work, the TCC Group’s working process was captured and promoted in a visually captivating way across a range of physical and digital media.

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