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AccountMaster, Inc.

AccountMaster is a Tax Accounting firm serving the Greater Pittsburgh area, operating as a “One-Stop Shop” for all financial services. In addition to its primary business of tax preparation, AccountMaster also specializes in Financial Planning, Business Consulting, and Payroll Services.

Trailhead: Where We Started

AccountMaster maintained a web presence with a traditional website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, but was searching for ways to expand its reach by growing and optimizing its marketing operations, which were not regularly or strategically utilized. They also sought to diversify the perception of the company as primarily a tax preparation business by highlighting and promoting other aspects of their service offerings. Lastly, AccountMaster wasn’t appearing optimally online in maps, search engines, and social media.

Trek: Steps We’ve Taken

TrailBlaze Creative was hired to assist AccountMaster with its marketing efforts in three key areas: website enhancements including SEO, social and online reviews, and email marketing. The TrailBlaze team began by assessing the existing AccountMaster website for gaps in functionality, offering a detailed review of its strengths and weaknesses. This resulted in the implementation of a standardized blog/news area on the website, a newsletter opt-in for visitors to receive future email marketing efforts, site security enhancements, and the integration of social media content onto the site. TrailBlaze also improved the SEO of the site by ensuring all new and existing content was properly tagged and titled and location errors in search results no longer occurred.

In the next phase of work, TrailBlaze reviewed and updated all of AccountMaster’s existing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), creating standardized, consistently applied on-brand visuals across all channels, as well as branded, service-specific content through LinkedIn showcase pages. Additionally, TrailBlaze integrated all platforms into a single social media management dashboard, training AccountMaster staff in its usage, and assisting in the development of an editorial calendar. TrailBlaze also created a referral program to drive online reviews of AccountMaster and encouraged current clients to recommend AccountMaster to friends and family.

Finally, the TrailBlaze team created a new email marketing campaign along with dedicated email newsletter templates consistent with the AccountMaster brand to facilitate and encourage regular email communications with clients and other recipients. Email marketing was also utilized for customer follow-up and encouragement of online reviews and referrals. The email campaigns were linked to the opt-in on the website (and subscription capability on Facebook) to extend Accountmaster’s reach as well as drive traffic back to the main website for more detailed customer engagement.

Summit: Vision Realized

In addition to improving the functional, aesthetic, and user-oriented qualities of the AccountMaster website, the TrailBlaze team created a consolidated and streamlined customer engagement strategy and produced an email marketing system for facilitating regular and meaningful interactions with current and potential clients. This resulted in AccountMaster having to hire additional staff to accommodate the number of new personal and business tax clients. Moving forward, TrailBlaze continues to monitor electronic engagement for AccountMaster and works with their staff to identify opportunities for increased client and prospect outreach.

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