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Most clients have the same general goals, encounter common problems, and ultimately try to use the same generic solutions that don’t quite work for your specific needs. Years of this-is-how-everyone-does-it strategy has worn a crowded, narrow path through your market. From the very beginning, we’ve stayed away from generic.

We Help Your Organization…

Manage Reputation

Our clients often come to us for help defining who they are. The organization’s name may be known in the community, but people don’t really know who or what the organization is. Through conversations, audits and, in some cases, immersion, TrailBlaze can clarify your brand’s image and voice so that you build an unmistakable presence among your audience.

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Engage Audiences

Compelling an audience to take a specific action is one of the most common goals among our clients, and it’s one of the things we are the best at doing. From identifying your core audience to implementing a tailored plan to get them to engage with you, TrailBlaze can help increase audience engagement with your brand.

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Cultivate Strategy

You have a general goal, but how are you getting there? When do you want to get there by, and who do you need to bring along with you? Many of our clients hire us to help them focus on their short and long-term strategic planning. TrailBlaze can help plot a whole course with milestones and guide you along the way, or we can be that last little nudge that gets you to the top of hill.

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Marketing in ResidenceSM + Marketing Director in ResidenceSM

Many organizations, especially small and new ones, lack the internal capacity to strategically guide their marketing and communications activities. Marketing is the capacity most frequently ignored, but most often needed by small and emergent organizations.

The TrailBlaze Marketing Director in ResidenceSM model provides your organization with the strategic, creative, and tactical capacity to consistently manage its marketing and communications needs. Uniquely designed to provide staff-level consistency and participation at a fraction of the cost, TrailBlaze appoints one person to serve as the Marketing Director for your organization. The Director attends internal team meetings, represents the organization to appropriate external stakeholders, provides strategic planning in the areas of marketing direction and planning, and manages the tactical marketing needs of your organization.

During this process, your organization receives executive-level strategic guidance, the project management necessary to implement agreed-upon strategies, and access to the resources and expertise of a multifaceted marketing agency. The Marketing Director in ResidenceSM, in partnership with TrailBlaze’s team of professionals, works to understand the needs of your brand and organization and craft an effective strategy to systematically improve your organization’s marketing efforts. We then make measurable progress in creating resources, collateral, and connections that expand your organization’s influence, legitimacy, and brand in its region or industry.

How to identify when it’s time to consider TrailBlaze’s Marketing Director in ResidenceSM model:

When you want the consistency of an embedded staff member and marketing & communications expert without the added cost of an internal hire
When self-managed marketing & communications efforts within the organization have stagnated or could simply use experienced, strategic guidance
When your organizational mission and vision has changed (or is in flux) and you need meaningful assistance in defining and promoting this new identity to the public you serve
When your organization has just begun and seeks to articulate and pursue its marketing & communications goals clearly and effectively
When your organization is experiencing decline that relates to a diminished marketing and communications strategy
When your organization is just starting out and needs foundational branding support to launch with a growth mindset
When your marketing needs are too great or numerous to manage internally

The Marketing Director in ResidenceSM model is agile and scalable based on your organization’s size, capacity, and budget, ensuring a solution that synchronizes with your all of your priorities.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can adapt to your organization’s specific needs and hit the ground running.

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