What We Do

Project-Based (A la Carte) Image Management Services

The following tactical services can be provided to our partners. Often they are combined to create mid- to long-term image management services.

Organizational Assessment

  • Marketing Environment: administering qualitative and quantitative analysis of what’s happening at an organization
  • Infrastructure: assessing current processes and determining efficiencies to benefit bottom line
  • Surveying: conducting research to develop action plans, garner feedback, and build loyalty
  • Research: building a knowledge gain of topics, audiences, tactics, processes, etc. specific to organizational goals

Brand Building

  • Organizational Culture: analyzing what makes an organization tick, and how brand management is affected
  • Design: creating an ideal brand, based on research, stakeholder input, and goals to resonate with targeted consumers
  • Guidelines: organizing the elements of a brand for distribution to internal and external entities

Audience Development

  • Customer / User Experience: mapping, analyzing, and optimizing complete user experiences across channels
  • Infrastructure: developing the right tools for collecting and managing the right audience data, such as CRM integrations
  • Segmentation: auditing essential audiences and calibrating messages, goals, and infrastructure to match
  • List Management / Acquisition: building a clean, centralized marketing list, while segmenting audience members
  • Lead Generation: attracting mission-aligned leads via digital, social, and traditional communications channels
  • Focus Groups: assessing organizational needs, audience trends, campaign responsiveness, call-to-actions in qualitative and facilitated sessions

Graphic Design

  • Collateral: creating compelling, mission-driven marketing pieces that resonate with core audiences
  • Publications: developing templates, layouts, and content blocking for regular, targeted communications
  • Complex Data / Infographics: constructing data and compound ideas into publicly coherent designs and illustrations

Digital Communications

  • Websites: architecting and managing audience-centric websites advancing information architecture, search engine optimization (SEO), and complete analytics to track success against organizational goals
  • Social Media: constructing plans, establishing editorial calendars, managing content, analyzing results to deliver optimal ROI
  • Email Marketing: building systems and designing template releases to drive consumer brand interaction
  • Digital Advertising: conducting research and design for ideal media message and placement to attract action

Event / Meeting Planning

  • Logistics: planning from start to finish, including venue / vendor contracting, rate negotiation, material development, registrations, with attention to detail, against a balanced budget
  • Programming: developing and managing event content, shows, awards programs, and exhibitors to construct a valuable environment for attendees
  • Webinars: architecting webinars with focus on content, registration, rehearsals, and promotion to drive consumer engagement
  • Trade Shows: researching the proper events, constructing exhibits, and providing staffing support to generate quality leads

Content Development

  • Editorial Calendars: augmenting internal thought leadership with strategic and planned releases to captivate audiences
  • Copy Writing / Copy-Editing: developing creative content, including collateral, case studies, white papers, eBooks, blog posts, fact sheets, web content, etc. with a focus on audience-centric storytelling
  • Tool Development: constructing the proper environment with the proper tools to manage content and content release

Internal / Public Affairs

  • Media Relations: creating press releases, earned media, media events, and more to create topical buzz and exposure
  • Internal Communications: establishing content and tools to disseminate timely and strategic communications across an organization

Mid- to Long-Term Image Management Services

Image management is a marathon, not a sprint. Through ongoing services, organizations make a committed investment to impacting their image, leading to exponential and sustainable growth.

Strategic Planning

Using a series of strategic assessments, research, and analysis, a focused, cross-channel marketing plan can be created to serve as a guiding action plan for management of marketing tactics. Plans provide competitive advantage, goal achievement, and operational efficiency with a reference to organizational planning efforts. TrailBlaze works to understand an organization’s existing environment and creates a plan supplementing the overall goals of our client-partners.

Campaign Development / Management

Larger than a project, but smaller than a strategic plan, campaigns offer a long-term blueprint for a specific event, product / service launch, topic, etc., based on pre-established goals of the action. From cross-channel editorial calendars, specialty promotions, content creation, and consumer buzz, TrailBlaze can create and / or manage a custom campaign that is goal oriented and human-centric.

Plan Implementation

Creating a plan is great, but most act as dust collectors on a bookshelf. With a strategy in place and the proper leadership, plans can turn into action. By considering efficiencies, costs, and return on investment, a well-managed plan can drive balanced organizational growth. Whether providing strategic guidance for an organization’s staff or team of volunteers, or completely managing the implementation of a plan, TrailBlaze provides the level of support necessary for success.

Management, Monitoring, & Support

While plans can be proactive, they must also be adaptable to the environment in which they are created. Through performance-tracking, consumer analysis, and process testing, a plan can be converted into a well-balanced vision. TrailBlaze can work with your leadership to ensure the proper metrics are tracked to measure against, and adapt for, organizational prosperity.

Organization Management

Strong organizational leadership leads to strong organizations. With a focus on working a strategic plan, organizations can drive membership development, sustainable operations, and cause-based actions. TrailBlaze serves in an administrative role, providing office management, financial authority, board support, infrastructure establishment / management, and all other aspects relative to staffing an organization for sustained growth.