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Alliance of Supplier Diversity Professionals

Alliance Supplier Diversity Professionals (ASDP) is a national member organization offering educational and professional development opportunities to individuals working in the supplier diversity and small business liaison communities.

Trailhead: Where We Started

Although ASDP had established in-person coursework and certification in supplier diversity training, they lacked a comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) system to expand their coursework to an online platform and improve communications with members. In addition to a CRM system, ASDP recognized the need for a revamped website to promote its educational offerings and reflect a more modern aesthetic.

Trek: Steps We’ve Taken

After contracting with TrailBlaze Creative, ASDP expressed their desire to implement a CRM with a learning management system (LMS) as soon as possible. After gathering information from ASDP regarding their specific CRM needs, the TrailBlaze team directed ASDP to its partner, Member365, facilitating contract negotiation, and assisting ASDP with the integration of login pathways, course registration buttons, events listings, and other tools for use on its forthcoming website. TrailBlaze offered technical assistance throughout the entire process, answering questions from ASDP staff regarding CRM integration.

With CRM development and implementation underway, TrailBlaze focused on fulfilling ASDP’s second goal: a revamped and modernized website. The TrailBlaze team completed a comprehensive website redesign and redeveloped to ensure a more contemporary aesthetic with a focus on highlighting ASDP’s certification program and values of diversity and inclusion. TrailBlaze also assisted with editing and rewriting ASDP’s website content to improve its messaging and compatibility with updated branding. Simultaneously, TrailBlaze held discussions with ASDP to assist with the organization of their IT environment, identifying their email hosting provider and providing guidance on how to improve the management of their contacts and system.

Summit: Vision Realized

By providing ASDP with a comprehensive CRM system in partnership with Member365, TrailBlaze facilitated increased member access to online learning and certification in the field of supplier diversity training. ASDP’s redesigned and redeveloped website reflects ASDP’s contemporary values and aesthetic, and has assisted ASDP in its transition to increased web-based operations, promotions, and communications. Since the successful website launch and CRM implementation, TrailBlaze has offered training to ASDP staff regarding how to use their new website builder and apply changes as needed, empowering ASDP to enjoy the upgraded website tools and add or edit future content as needed.

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