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The Bakery Society of Pittsburgh

With Mt. Oliver bakers in the Kullman Bakery retiring, this popular sweet spot was forced to close its doors, leaving a physical and emotional void in the community. The abandoned building, residing at 225 Brownsville Road, had sat empty for a number of years before a cohort of government and economic development organizations determined through pop-up events that the community still needed a bakery. But they also needed to provide tools and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs within Mt. Oliver.

Trailhead: Where We Started

After proceeding with the purchase of the building, and creating an outline to establish the region’s first bakery incubator, there was a need to begin building a brand that would help support this retail establishment. Additionally, bakers-in-residence at the incubator would require coaching and education on marketing and communications strategies as they worked to develop their own brands, understand their niche, and engage with their audiences.

Trek: Steps We’ve Taken

TrailBlaze Creative was retained to provide ongoing marketing and communications support this bakery project. Beginning with facilitated focus group discussions, TrailBlaze conceptualized the brand—The Bakery Society Pittsburgh, or TBSP for short. This brand provides a vintage feel in homage to the days of the former Mt. Oliver bakery, while also representing the collaborative nature of the community partners and bakers which will call this facility home during their 18-month incubation period.

While the bakery will no doubt prove to be a community asset and exists on a main arterial street for South Hills Pittsburgh residents to commute in and out of the city, there was still a desire to attract 30-somethings into the growing community. Therefore, TrailBlaze Creative developed a marketing campaign for TBSP, which features song lyrics from the 1990s infused with bakery puns. This viral attribute to the marketing plan for TBSP allows patrons and followers to submit their ideas, vote on their favorites, and even come into the bakery to purchase their favorite phrases on a t-shirt.

In addition to social media channels and campaigns, TrailBlaze created a web presence for TBSP, providing information architecture, site mapping, wireframes, and design/development of the final website at

Summit: Vision Realized

The Bakery Society Pittsburgh will open in Spring 2018, but has more than 300 people following its progress regularly thorough its online channels. The 90s/bakery puns campaign has engaged the audience with a brand that does not yet have a physical space. Numerous media outlets are requesting to develop stories around TBSP and the buzz keeps growing. As this campaign develops and expands, and once the bakery renovation is complete, TrailBlaze will continue to monitor efforts and adjust the marketing efforts as necessary.

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